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Why choose us?

Our firm
Liedekerke is the largest independent law firm in Belgium. We are a full service law firm covering more than twenty specialist areas, whether the need is for advice, transactional work or dispute resolution.

Since 1965, Liedekerke has represented international and domestic businesses – from start-ups and private companies to major listed companies and multinational corporations – as well as financial institutions, governmental bodies and intergovernmental institutions.

We look after our clients with energy, creativity and dedication. In turn they value our intellectual agility, business-aware approach and capacity for innovation as well as our utmost integrity, sense of humour and human qualities.

We cherish that character and aim to maintain it. That’s why we are constantly on the lookout for students, talented graduates and experienced associates who share these values and ambitions.



Become a lawyer

Forget the popular clichés, best sellers and movies. As a new lawyer with us, prepare to:

  • involve yourself personally in finding effective and elegant legal solutions
  • develop your sense of responsibility
  • and, above all, serve the interests of our clients

At Liedekerke you will handle cases from A to Z and it won’t be long before you are taking part in client meetings and court proceedings. You will handle every aspect of the profession: you will carry out research, provide advice, draft contracts, negotiate deals and plead cases.

Training & Development


From day one, when you join our firm you will be a valued member of the team. We will stimulate you to learn and grow by supporting your development with both high quality training and a wide range of opportunities to learn on the job. We believe that real and consistent investment in developing your technical, business and communication skills will ultimately also be in the best interests of our clients.

Education is a lifelong benefit. We will give you the opportunity to learn while you work. For that reason we’ve instituted ongoing post-qualifying education programmes. You will be able to attend training courses at the Liedekerke academy such as: Legal Writing and Argumentation Skills, Communication, Negotiation, Networking and Business Development, etc. It goes without saying that we also offer tailor-made language courses at our office. Since 2005 Liedekerke has been one of the main contributors to a Fulbright scholarship (www.fulbright.be). Liedekerke is proud to sponsor a scholarship for LL.M. studies in the United States. Christel Van den Eynden, a Corporate & Finance partner and herself a Fulbright scholar, is part of the jury which selects the candidates each year.


As a Liedekerke lawyer, you will participate in team meetings, practice groups meetings, visits to and from industry experts, workshops, and seminars with clients. This on-the-spot training will be adjusted to the pace of your professional and personal development.

You might want to combine a career as a practising lawyer with an academic career or even a Ph.D. We believe that this combination is in many cases a great opportunity both for our firm and for our clients and we are always happy to discuss this. In that respect it might be interesting to note that over 20 of our lawyers are lecturers in law at respected law faculties and colleges in Belgium and abroad. Some also sit as judges in Belgium or as arbitrators in national and international cases.

Your career path as an associate

At Liedekerke we give you the keys to your future development.


As an associate the emphasis will be on developing your technical knowledge and professional skills under the guidance of senior lawyers. You will of course be able to work on your pro bono cases. You will increase your responsibilities day by day.

Senior attorney

When you have six to seven years' experience you can be elected to senior associate level. Some senior associates with a feel for marketing and business development choose to enrol as Marketing & Business Development Coordinators. In this role and alongside their main legal practice, they coordinate marketing support, develop databases, monitor market and business development issues and participate in the forward-thinking global marketing strategy of their practice group. Others choose to enrol as Knowledge Management Coordinators. They play a central role in managing and developing the knowledge management work within their practice groups in order to make efficient use of the firm’s accumulated experience and of the capabilities of its specialist practice groups. Other talented individuals play a central role in Liedekerke by mentoring, coaching and training more junior profiles. 

Off the record...

We take our work seriously, not ourselves.

We value teamwork and achieving results together. That’s why we regularly organise activities to get to know each other in an informal atmosphere. Examples include the Liedekerke Annual Revue and New Year’s Party, the Liedekerke Fall Event, the Saint Nicholas’ day for families with young children, our bi-monthly bars, the Winter League & Summer Cup indoor football competition between Brussels law firms, the Legal Run (20 kilometres around Brussels), Energy Run and Immo Run, the informal practice groups drinks and events, and the Liedekerke ‘Alumni Rendez-Vous’.



Business services

In our business, quality of service is essential and it depends above all on those who are responsible for it. Liedekerke pays special attention to the value of its workers. Combining the right skills and individual experience with the right position is key to a flawless service. To underpin its professional assistance, Liedekerke has a number of specialist departments: the library, ICT, marketing, human resources, facilities and accounting services. There are also teams of secretaries who assist their internal clients – the lawyers – and the firm’s clients.

The support team numbers nearly seventy.