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Retail and Consumer Goods

The business of bringing products and services to consumers is constantly evolving.

Distribution methods have changed. Traditional intermediaries (dealers, franchise holders, and agents) are becoming more hybrid in order to adapt to market changes, new technologies and the increasing need for financial security and control of the distribution network. With the law often being two steps behind, it is a challenge to be innovative in commercial contracts and to be compliant with constantly evolving competition and employment law requirements.

Traditional shops now co-exist with online sales and direct sales. More than ever, outlet stores serve as a showcase for one or more brands. Securing or creating strategic locations through lease, franchising or investment has become an essential aspect of distribution. Specialists dedicated to retail in our real estate and regulatory practices assist clients throughout the process: obtaining permits, financing, construction, lease and other contracts.

There is no retail activity without brands. Our Intellectual Property team assists with building and protecting brand image.

Consumer protection remains a priority for European and national decision makers. We can draw on our vast experience in marketing and advertising and trade practices. We give clients constructive advice on their ideas to attract customers.

Product safety, product recall, crisis management and related dispute resolution require clients to have a prior strategy in place, as well as to be able to react quickly. Our team frequently assists with these issues and is proud to have defused potential threats on numerous occasions.


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