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In this section you will find our legal headlines and memorandums with regular updates on current issues and trends. There is no fixed schedule but our aim is to keep you abreast of the most relevant legal changes in strictly defined fields that dovetail with our practice groups and teams.

Stay informed of relevant legal updates: you could soon be receiving the Liedekerke Headlines and Memorandums that correspond to your fields of interest.

Liedekerke’s lawyers are also big contributors to and editors of specific, highly renowned legal publications. You can find these here by searching this section using specific key words.

Two publications are of particular interest to foreign investors. You can download PDF copies of them here:

  • Ten reasons to invest in Belgium”, a Liedekerke brochure covering all the fiscal and legal measures favouring inbound investment as well as attractive income and estate tax regimes for certain categories of individuals; a valuable resource to foreign investors since 2009.
  • Doing business in Belgium”, a  Liedekerke guide intended to provide a general and simplified overview of the main country's laws on Tax, Corporate and Finance, Labor and Commercial law aspects. Also available on the Lew Mundi website (www.lexmundi.com).
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