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Our approach

Inspiring trust. Legal Excellence

Liedekerke is a standout among Belgian law firms. Established in 1965 by lawyers committed to excellence, we offer, as trusted legal advisors to our clients, a full-service capability for 21st century business.

Always at your side, we deliver pragmatic, tailor-made and business minded legal advice and assistance.

In our advisory practice, we excel in minimising conflict. But when litigation is unavoidable, we have a record of prevailing in court.


Words into action. Custom-made solutions

Solutions need to be more than legally robust. They need to be commercially attuned and tailored to their context.

Above all, the best lawyers understand the business drivers behind the legal issues and their first task is to listen.

The bottom line: sound and pragmatic advice that enables better business decisions, and the aim of looking after our clients the best way possible. To do that, we speak our minds. Thinking independently means not following the herd, it means thinking outside the box. And being clear that a client’s best interests are not always served with popular or welcome advice.

We are in it for the long term. Lasting relationships help us anticipate issues affecting our clients. Our independence is our client’s best guarantee that we will unswervingly serve their best interests. We aim to nip legal complications in the bud because pre-emptive advice is the fastest and most cost-effective there is.

We believe that globalisation begins at home, based on solid foundations. In the context of our transnational cases, we refer to renowned firms abroad and to international networks that share our high standards and vision.Our relationships with these firms are privileged, but non-exclusive.

Our independence is a huge advantage: when a client looking for a foreign adviser comes to us for help, it is our flexibility that allows us to recommend whomever will best suit them and to guarantee a close cooperation that combines efficiency and quality.


The optimal blend: quality and quantity. Big firm capability

Liedekerke is active in every business sector. With over 130 lawyers, we are the largest home-grown independent firm in Belgium, with critical mass in every key business and private client practice area. Our skills cover more than twenty specialist areas, whether the need is for advice, contract execution, or dispute resolution.

Our lawyers teach in Belgium and abroad, sit as arbitrators, are recognised authors and are regularly called upon to draft legislation.

Size is a winner when combined with strict quality standards. It gives us the capacity to respond to our clients’ needs when urgent action is required. We can rapidly deploy teams of specialists in all relevant disciplines. It attracts the best talent and guarantees the capability to train and develop our professionals. Our teams are supported by solid IT and management tools.

Today’s legal environment is too complex for any one individual to tackle alone. Innovative solutions arise when specialist knowledge is fused with the creative tension of a team.

This makes expert interaction crucial to our success. As goes the saying, none of us is as smart as all of us, and our specialists constantly seek open and creative dialogue with each other and with their clients.


Tomorrow’s work today... Legal foundations for a robust future

In a networked and virtual world, the law is struggling to keep pace with the complexity of human interaction. The exponential growth in new laws and regulations paradoxically multiplies the number of loopholes.

Conscious of the social and economic stakes, we strive for lasting solutions that integrate business strategy and make it compatible with statutory and regulatory instruments going forward.

Our advice is often marked by a bold and entrepreneurial intellect. But our role is to provide clients with reassurance, not risk and adventure. That way, our clients can plan ahead, safe in the knowledge that they are building on solid legal foundations.