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Liedekerke support staff gathers for Team Awareness Day


On Friday 23 November , the Liedekerke support teams had their very first Team Awareness Day.

The team enjoyed a presentation and workshop from Streetwize at Le Cercle des Voyageurs.
The Streetwize-crew showed the team their unique approach based on their extensive experience working with street youth.
By learning from the boys and girls who survive in rapidly changing environments, the team reflected on how to apply their specific set of skills on their everyday work.
They also took a moment to reflect on the added value that each department brings to the support staff, and how they can develop their collective added value even more in the future.

By taking part in this workshop, Liedekerke supports Streetwize and their other half, Mobile School, in their empowerment of autonomous organisations working with street-connected children throughout the world.
We would like to give a big thank you to every single one of you who made this a very successful Team Awareness Day!

To learn more about Streetwize, click here.