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Liedekerke proud to support "Arthur Forever"


Congratulations to our runners, Augustin Paternostre, Charline Cogels, Constance Dumortier, Felix Teichmann, Jean Pierre Kesteloot, Jonas van Orshoven, Laurent Pyls, Louise Verstraete, Maxime Vanderstraeten, Pierre Close, Stefania Sacuiu, Stefanie Vinck, Steven Peeters, and Wim Dedecker, who participated in the Legal Run yesterday to support the charity ”Arthur Forever”!

The Legal Run groups runners from 52 international law firms in Brussels who join forces as they participate in the annual 20km run through Brussels. As one team, they raise funds for a charity which they select every year. Throughout the past 13 years, the Legal Run has supported a variety of organizations that offer moral, legal, humanitarian or medical aid in Belgium and abroad.

More info here: http://www.legalrunbrussels.be/