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Liedekerke helps Uber reach significant milestone

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In a recent decision rendered by the Brussels Francophone Tribunal of Enterprises, Uber has officially been deemed to be aligned with the existing legal framework.

The recent judgement is one in a long string of cases initiated by multiple actors in the Taxi industry who have been fighting to have Uber’s activities suspended in Brussels. Etienne Kairis and his team are leading Uber’s defence through these matters, explaining that “there is no  such thing as a Uber driver, it's a caricature, a slogan.  It does not correspond to reality. There are business owners who have a LVC license [Renting of Cars with Drivers] and there is the Uber platform that links a transport demand with a transport offer ".  Indeed, the most recent judgement confirms this approach, where Uber is considered to be an intermediary, connecting LVC operators and passengers.

The decision constitutes a first step in helping Uber to continue its activities in Brussels.