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Liedekerke celebrates its people and confirms its CSR commitments


November 08, 2021

On Thursday 21 October 2021, Belgian law firm Liedekerke Wolters Waelbroeck Kirkpatrick held a surprise event dedicated to its lawyers and business services members in its offices.

Wishing to thank its members for their resilience, commitment, flexibility, and hard work shown in the past months during the Covid-19 crisis, the firm offered its 180 members a branded electric step, delivered by its longstanding client Decathlon. The firm has been increasingly active on the CSR front and launched in the past months several initiatives to increase the impact of its corporate social responsibility actions. Besides their client – legal advisor relationship, Decathlon and Liedekerke share common values, amongst which the strive to anticipate societal challenges and issues to guide their actions in favour of sustainable development.

Vincent Busschaert, Managing Partner at Liedekerke comments:We all know that the past months have been hard and stressful for everyone. Despite the difficult times, our lawyers and our business services members have kept the drive and the hard work, and they have shown exceptional determination to continue throughout the crisis. Their cooperation and collaboration within the teams has been truly outstanding, and together they have enabled the firm to continue its successful path despite adversity. Liedekerke is extremely proud of them and willing to show the partnership’s appreciation for all their efforts. At the same time, we wanted our gift to be in line with our continuous commitment to CSR and to contribute in our own way to the UN Sustainable Development Goals".

Olivier Vanden Berghe, Partner adds: “One of the key elements of Liedekerke’s approach to clients, is that we do not want to be mere legal advisers to our clients, but instead, we aim to build long-term successful true partnerships, where we complement each other. It is a pleasure to strengthen our cooperation with Decathlon not only on the legal side but also through mutually contributing to our CSR objectives.”

Chrysanthe Rukebesha, Head of B2B @ decathlon.co.uk & decathlon.be remarks:

"Decathlon's purpose is to be useful to people and to their planet. In closing such a deal with Liedekerke, we believe we are contributing to a better lifestyle for Liedekerke's staff by giving them the opportunity to commute otherwise, and in doing so, to a better planet as well. We strive for affordable and sustainable transport, and we know that habits changes can have a big impact on our cities, on our health and for the environment. We're really proud that Liedekerke trusted us to create such a change".

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