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Diversity Week

In honour of Diversity Week, we celebrate diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. Ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace, creates and encourages innovation by harnessing the strength of different ways of thinking and working.
Inclusivity entails an environment in which respect and positive recognition of differences are cultivated and celebrated. Ensuring we have a diverse, inclusive and gender balanced culture is of key priority to our firm.
We are fully aware of our areas for improvement and are therefore proud to champion initiatives such as our Liedekerke Gender Equity Unit. The unit serves as a platform for exchanging information, sharing experiences, and best practices. As one of the founding members of Legal Diversity & Inclusion Alliance, we are also committed to promoting an inclusive organisational culture. This is an ongoing process, which we will have to constantly review and re-adapt, but in which we are firmly committed to succeed.
We would also like to thank our clients, as they push us to strive and improve. We are committed to build teams that reflect the diversity of today’s society that bring unique perspectives and experiences to solve problems in innovative and fresh ways.