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6th Energy Law Group Event


Thibaut Hollanders and Damien Verhoeven will attend the 6th ELG event in Copenhagen today. During the workshop “Energy and mining in Africa”, Thibaut will give a presentation entitled “Changing legal frameworks / unilateral renegotiations”.

African governments have recently engaged in legal reforms in virtually every energy sector in an attempt to accelerate development. Particularly in the Democratic Republic of Congo, major reforms have been implemented in both the electrical and mining sectors, with the declared intention to promote development by opening the energy market, promoting PPPs while trying the improve the position of state-owned public companies in existing PPPs. Thoughts on the first few years of the reform – identification of the main bottlenecks and attractive features of the energy sector, consequences of the unilateral renegotiations of the DRC Mining Code and the fate of existing contracts/situation and the attractiveness of major players will be discussed during his presentation.

The ELG event will bring together the leading energy industry practitioners, regulators, bankers, and lawyers from around 40 jurisdictions, to share experience on the industry’s most compelling issues.

For more information visit the Energy Law Group website (https://energylawgroup.eu/) or reach out to Damien or Thibaut.