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Solutions to your daily challenges

Regulated companies face new challenges on a daily basis: changing regulations, increased competition, stricter enforcement by regulatory authorities, and so on.

One of the challenges they have to face is to ensure they respect the regulations, while at the same time remaining competitive.

We help financial institutions to achieve this goal, by taking charge of the legal aspects of their business and thus allowing them to concentrate on the heart of their activities.

Our team comprises experts who not only have in-depth knowledge of financial law, but also a practical approach to the world of finance and a heightened understanding of the supervisory authorities: the members of our team are vastly experienced, with some of them having worked for or with the supervisory authorities (FSMA and the Ministry of Finance) and/or worked on secondment with clients.

We advise investment companies, retail and investment banks, fund and portfolio managers, trading platforms, online brokers, crowdfunding startups, electronic money issuers, suppliers of payment services, and other regulated entities, on all legal aspects of their operations: registration (licences and authorisations), legal framework (MiFID, capital requirements, governance and internal organisation, internal audit, and relationships with the regulatory authorities), negotiations with the authorities, relationships with clients, restructurings, outsourcing and relationships with suppliers, compliance, audits, procedures and internal politics, and so on.

We intervene in all stages of business life, including when it comes to applications for approval.

Our clients will also receive information updates on new regulations and can take part in seminars, workshops and training sessions and come to us for secondments.


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