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Stijn Maeyaert is part of the Regulatory Practice Group.

Stijn handles cases involving all aspects of public economic law, with a special focus on public procurement law, concessions and PPPs. His practice encompasses both the supervision of the award of public contracts and the provision of assistance in implementation disputes concerning public procurement, and this with regard to all sectors. In this matter, he provides advice on a regular basis and is well acquainted with procedures for various administrative authorities, the Council of State and civil courts. Stijn speaks frequently at seminars, gives trainings about public procurement and regularly publishes on this subject.

Stijn obtained his master's degree in law at Ghent University (UGent 2013) and joined Liedekerke in 2013. He is a mediator in public affairs (KU Leuven 2016) and studied Business Administration at the EHSAL Management School (EMS Brussels, 2017). In addition, he has been working part-time since 2014 at the Government and Law Center of Hasselt University where he provides practical lectures on constitutional law and supervises the editing of theses.