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Our London Office

LondonLiedekerke opened its City offices in 2007 as a direct response to a growing involvement in cross-border transactions and increasing demand for international coverage from its clients. It remains the only Belgian law firm in London.

As a representative office, the firm's London operation provides frontline advice on all areas of Belgian law, and provides a highly responsive local interface between international clients and referral partners and the firm's Brussels headquarters.  The office also provides project management support on cross-border transactions. The office does not advise on UK law but has longstanding relationships with leading UK and US law firms in London. 

Over the years, the office has also built close working relationships with the British delegations of Belgian authorities such as the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, the Belgian Embassy, and the representations of the Belgian regions (Flanders Investment and Trade, Brussels Invest, Awex).

 Head of London Office

Kristien Carbonez Kristien CARBONEZ

T: +44 207 151 03 60


Management Assistant

Matthew Miller

T: +44 207 151 03 60
F: +44 207 151 03 70



Liedekerke Wolters Waelbroeck Kirkpatrick
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United Kingdom

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